Ääniä Records - Acoustic Music from Finland

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Kanteleen Ääniä / Ääniä Records Taito Hoffrén
Rajamäentie 167
07565 Kantele Finland
gsm +358 40 550 6441

Pekko Käppi +358 50 590 3891

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Ääniä Records - Acoustic Music from Finland

Ääniä Records publishes acoustic music by Finnish bands and artists. More information on the bands and artists can be found under the Artists link. In Finland Ääniä Records are distributed by Töölön Musiikkitukku Oy. You can buy records published by Ääniä for example from:

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Ääniä Studio

Ääniä Studio offers recording, mixing and pre-mastering facilities. We also provide CD-layout and printing services. Ääniä CDs and DVDs are printed at industrial CD plants at competitive prices and in any amounts, starting at 100 copies. More information under the Studio link