Rönsy - Wandering Tales AANIA-27

Rönsy CD cover

Rönsy - Wandering Tales AANIA-27

Rönsy has published their second album. The band formed in 2007 and released their internationally acclaimed debut album in 2010. It was chosen for the 2010 Record of the Year Prize by the Finnish Kantele Association.

Seamless ensemble playing, deeply emotional and intimate, sensitive and strong storytelling describes Rönsy's music. This band is as comfortable with minimalistic playing as with traditional folk machine virtuoso playing. In Rönsy's music traditional Finnish folk music meets contemporary folk compositions.

Rönsy has been performing widely in Finland and abroad, e.g. in England and in Spain.

Helmi Camus – double bass, harmonium, vocals

Maija Kauhanen – kanteles, vocals

Kaisa Ristiluoma – accordions, vocals

Produced by Maria Kalaniemi and Rönsy

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